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One of the best types of lies are ones which make people want to stop asking questions all together. A good way to accomplish this is for the lie to be about something You Don't Want to Know.

TMI lies are great not only because they cause the person questioning them to lose interest but they are a good cover up for suspicious behavior. Bob might be suspicious if Alice claims she snuck off in the middle of the night without telling anyone to get ice cream, if she claims she did so to replenish her tampon supply on the other hand there's at least a 9/10 chance that Bob will leave it at that.

"Womens problems" in fact are a very common TMI Liei. There is even an example of this happening in Biblical scripture, making this trope Older Then Feudalism. For men explosive diarrhea is a much more popular choice.

Compare Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick.


[[folder:Live-Action TV]]

In an episode of Breaking Bad Walter lies about having explosive diarrhea as an excuse for not helping Hank investigate his meth distributing boss.

  • In a Murphy Brown episode, Murphy helps a fellow employee, Hillary, who she recognizes has a drinking problem. After Hillary realizes she needs help after screwing up an assignment, Murphy suggests using food poisoning as a cover story, as nobody wants to know the details.


In The Amazing Spiderman Gwen Stacy gets rid of her dad while Peter is in her bed room by claiming she has "cramps" and further implying they are menstrual in nature.

Ruthless People: Judge Reinhold's character has kidnapped a woman. Some cops come in to question him, and he excuses himself saying he has a touch of stomach flu. They hear moans and groans from the back room and assume he's having serious diarrhea but he's really trying to sneak out a back window. Meanwhile the cops have received a call implicating the husband, so they just leave.

[[folder:Real Life]]

This was a factor in the Lizzie Borden murder trial. She said that bloody cloths that a witness had seen had been menstrual cloths (they didn't have disposable feminine products back then) and everybody involved with the trial all got squicked out over this discussion of menstruation and decided to just accept that explanation and move on so they wouldn't have to hear about it anymore.


In The Bible, Jacob and Rachel flee from Rachel's father Laban, stealing some of his household idols as they go. Laban catches up to them and demands to search their tents for the idols. Rachel sits on top of them and when Laban gets to her tent and tells her to move, she claims that "the manner of women" is upon her, so she can't get up. Laban believes her and leaves.


The webcomic Menage a 3 lampshades this trope, when giving Gary an excuse not to go into work one day, by giving a very descriptive yet squick explanation. He gets caught by the end of the story arc, though.

  • In one Order Of The Stick strip, Haley has a huge sack, and claims she didn't find any treasure. When Roy asks what's in the sack, she replies "Feminine products". Roy decides to leave it there.
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