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The European Carry-All
A form of Insistent Terminology in which a character refers to a particular object using a less embarrassing name.
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Sent over from Trope Repair Shop Conversations. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to copy the entire page, which currently exists at The European Carry-All, so for now I'll just summarize and it can be copied over later if needed.

It's believed that the trope is not thriving - not enough in-bounds and not enough examples.

Proposed solutions:

- Rename the trope; it's felt that the current name would be recognizable only to Seinfeld fans (though the basic phrasing does crop up in a number of other works) Perhaps Less Embarrassing Name? (Someone in the repair shop discussion suggested Manly Purse Effect.) - Find and add more examples, both on the page and entry pimp them on the relevant works - Scrap the trope entirely and move all examples to Insistent Terminology, as this is really just a form of that anyway
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