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(Prisoner plays harmonica)
Homer: That's sorta nice. What're you in for?
Prisoner: Atmosphere.
The Simpsons, "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish"

You know, that thing where, when there are various characters captive or trapped (say, during a jail scene) the harmonica would be played, as background music if not by an actual character. It's also done in isolation, such as being stranded or lost in the wilderness. Or just camping, which borderline qualifies as the previous.

  • During a Simpsons episode the kids are sent to school by a prison bus rather than the usual school bus, and look as if they were sent to an actual prison. One of the kids play the harmonica.
  • The main character in the No Tip Cartoon Network short does this after being sent to jail.
  • In The Story Of Ricky, our titular character is typically seen blowing on a folded leaf in this manner - and pulls it off fairly well. (Probably because he broke his harmonica killing half the prison population off-screen.)
  • A sitcom episode this Troper saw once - possibly Alice - had a gag wherein someone in jail was playing the harmonica, but it turned out they didn't have a harmonica, the person was just holding their hands to their mouth and making harmonica music. I think the joke went something like this:
    (harmonica player plays)
    Protagonist: You're really good.
    Player: Thanks. (brings hands down from mouth) If I'm in for another two years they'll even let me have a harmonica.
  • The Twilight Zone TOS, episode "Shadow Play". One of the prisoners plays a harmonica.
  • Occurs in Jimmy Neutron: After being thrown into the brig by the Junkman, Sheen does this.
  • When The Joker was sent to a regular prison after being framed for murder (yes, framed), he stuffs the harmonica down the player's throat.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures had Buster producing a harmonica after being framed for theft. When the guard gets sick of it, he stuffs it down Buster's throat (and he spends the next scene with a harmonica-shaped bulge in his neck).
  • Parodied in Chicken Run.
  • Lampshaded in NCIS. Di Nozzo is framed for murdering a woman and is held by the FBI because all signs seem to be pointing to him. Di Nozzo's typical target for jokes, Mc Gee, strolls past the jail cell playing harmonica, then gives it to Di Nozzo as a "present".
  • In the movie Club Paradise, Robin Williams imitates playing a harmonica with his own voice while locked up. I think he did this in Mork and Mindy several times too.
  • While he's not a captive, The Crystal Maze.
  • Lampshaded in The Simpsons, see the quote above.
  • Played with in the Fairly OddParents Wishology: The harmonica turns out to be music coming from a record player, whose turntable is being operated by the captive fairies.
  • Played straight in the film version of South Park, although the harmonica player in question is Ike the baby.
  • In America's Army if you shoot an instructor during the training missions the mission will end, the screen will fade to black and then reveal you to be in a jail cell with harmonica music playing in the background.
  • I think that in Droopy, during some jail scenes somebody would play the harmonica. Can somebody confirm this?
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