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I Need You Amendment
Character A tells Character B that they matter quite a lot to Character A.
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Bob wants to drive home a point about how important Alice is in two ways. The first way is that Alice is important to either a group of people or The Greater Good because of her knowledge, abilities, or some kind of emotional/spiritual role. The second way, which is usually where the weight of the scene lies, is that Alice is personally important to Bob on an emotional level, most often romantic but can be platonic as well. This scene could be a moment of realization for Bob as well.

Compare Anguished Declaration of Love, which resolves or confirms UST while We Need You...I Need You (very WIP title) may simply be an indication of deep affection, or even an affirmation between an already established couple.

Apologies if this falls under stock phrases, I know those aren't being added anymore. I've looked for this trope and haven't had any luck finding it.

Film - Animated
  • Megamind. Roxanne Ritchie uses this on the title character.
    Roxanne: Megamind, I don't even know if you are listening, but if you are, you can't give up. The Megamind I knew would never have run from a fight, even when he knew that he had absolutely no chance of winning. It was your best quality, and you need to be that guy right now. The city needs you, I need you.

Film - Live Action
  • The Empire Strikes Back has some fun with this when Leia is trying to convince Han to stay at Echo Base and their Belligerent Sexual Tension is building up.
    Han: "We need"? Well, what about "you need"?
    Leia: "I need"? I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Comes into play in the "cone of silence" scene in Twister. Bill tries to show Jo that she is needed by the others, but finally confesses that he needs her.

Live-Action Television
  • Twice in Supernatural. During season 6, Bobby tells Ellen this in an alternate reality in which they are married, but they may have to give up that reality for the greater good and return to the one where she has been dead for several years.
    Bobby: We need you. Especially me.
    Ellen: I know.
Then once more in season 8, when Dean uses this in his I Know You Are In There Somewhere Fight with Castiel.
Dean: We're family. We need you. I need you.

Video Games
  • Ashelin gives this to Jak in Jak 3: Wastelander when she tries to convince him to come back to Haven City to help fight the bad guys.
    Ashelin: Jak, your friends need you. I...need you.
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