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The stereotype that if a man is gay, he must love theater, especially musical theater. He'll know every play worth knowing in a given season, will be familiar with every Broadway leading lady, and has an iPod full of showtunes that he sings with gusto. If he lives in New York City or London, he'll attend premiers on Broadway or the West End religiously. If elsewhere, he's certain to have a season pass to his city's best playhouse (he'll be far too urbane not to live in a large city or one of its suburbs).

As one can imagine, this trope extends all around. If a man is a stage actor or is in any way employed by a theater company, or simply enjoys watching plays and/or listening to showtunes, questions of his sexuality will rise quickly. This can be a Pet Peeve Trope, though the degree of which varies. Most heterosexual stage actors and fans are secure enough that this sort of thing doesn't bother them (unless they're teenagers), but gay men who don't enjoy theater tend to chafe at being grouped with screaming queens who argue over whether Jennifer Holiday or Jennifer Hudson played a better Effie.

However, this remains Truth in Television, as a good portion of stage actors and fans are indeed gay men, just not as much as fiction would have us believe.


  • Kurt from Glee stands out the most in recent memory, though Rachel's gay dads are stage queens as well, and are the reason for her diva behavior.
  • Noxeema from To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar, has a love for musicals.
  • Jack from Will and Grace
  • Parodied viciously in Team America: World Police.
  • Actually popped up in Samurai Champloo, of all places - a Dutch ambassador (or possibly just an important representative of a major Dutch trading-company) is maniacal about Noh Theatre - and after finding out that all the actors are male, he likes it even better. Turns out he's gay, and came to Japan to find a culture that was somewhat more open towards such thing. Ends up being 'friendly' with a Noh actor, if I recall.
  • Referenced in the first episode of Northern Exposure, when Maurice tells Joel about his love for musicals - "But I'm no fruit if that's what you're thinkin'."
  • Played for laughs in The IT Crowd, which features a gay musical about gays called "Gay!".
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