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Wings with a cutting edge
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Bone Wings are cool but aren't as useful as Combat Tentacles or Feather Flechettes or are they?

they are if characters with wings also have a cutting edge making them Absurdly Sharp.

See Also: Helicopter Blender.


Anime and Manga
  • D.Gray-Man: Alma Karma
  • Pokémon: Skarmory
    • For Pokemon any use of Steel Wing among some other moves might count as this.
  • From Trigun, one of Knives' powers is part of his body turning into feathers which are monomolecular blades (hence the name 'Knives').
  • Mazinger Z has the Scramble Cutter, an attack in which he uses his Jet Scrambler's wings to slice into the enemy. Great Mazinger goes one step further with the Great Booster.

Comic Books
  • X-Men: Archangel when converted into a Horseman (Death) by Apocalypse.

  • Legion: the angel Gabriel has very sharp wings.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, there's a passing mention of the "Timberjack" species, whose wings can slice right through trees.

  • Stormwings from the Tortall Universe, are covered in steel/metal feathers which are extremely sharp.

Table Top Games

Video Games
  • The Murakumo units from the BlazBlue series have "wings" made of blades that are used for their heavy attacks.
  • Dragonmagic of Forgotten Realms includes 'Sharpwings' spell. It gives the dragon's wing buffet double damage of a claw attack while keeping its knockdown efect. Without any visual changes.
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