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Back Together Before The Finale

The hero meets the villain alone right before the party bursts into the room as the villain's giving his

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Do We Have This One?? The Hero just got to The Big Bad, after having his party "killed off" in various ways, generally with them saying "Go on ahead!" and him never actually seeing them die, but instead either hearing a thud (collapsing ceiling trap) or a scream (falling into a "bottomless pit" from the cliff they were hanging on.) The Big Bad then says a variant of "You're all alone, what can you do against me?" Cue the hero's party members bursting into the room, perfectly fine, saying either a variant of "Don't forget about us!" or "He's not alone!" Common explanations for their survival include "the Heel–Face Turn villain shows up and saves them", "there was a platform you couldn't quite see" , or they just don't give one and say "It would take more than that to kill me."

Examples i can think of off the top of my head.

  • Okamiden: The final boss (like it almost always is with this trope). He seperated you from your party, but there's a very emotional scene where you crack open a hole in space-time which your partners all jump through.

  • Tales of Symphonia: The battle with Mithos Yggdrasil also has this. A Descending Ceiling, Endlessly Respawning Enemies, and other things i don't remember slowly whittle away your party.

  • Super Paper Mario: Hoo boy. Bleck's Castle plays this trope really straight. First, O Chunks and Bowser have a Descending Ceiling. They each start playing tough guy, telling the other to take it, and in the end, it collapses on them. Peach falls into a pit trying to save Mimi while holding onto the edge herself, and Luigi is supposedly killed off by Dimentio in Taking You with Me. They reunite for the final battle with Count Bleck.
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