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Stigmata Of Coolness
Scars, tattoos or marks that make a character super cool, when they should be repulsive.

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Scars, marks and tattoos have many and varying connotations in human society.

This trope describes a character who lives in a world where such marks are typically seen in a negative light: they are considered disfiguring, a mark of the low caste, or barbaric.

However, our character or characters are the exception in their own story. For some reason, in context, their marking show one of these things: they are tough, they've seen action, or they don't care about society's definition of beauty.

In other words: they're wicked cool.

  • Hostile Takeover: For most of society, the scar for a neurocannula is a mark of the underclass, and people will--literall--mortgage their organs to pay for their removal. Members of the military show them off: it means they fly a Space Fighter.
  • Sharpe: Raised-from-the-ranks Captain Sharpe bears scars on his back from where he was lashed as an army private. This marked him as a troublemaker to the officer corps, but makes him "one of us" to his enlisted men.
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