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Walk Throughs

Times where characters walk into and out (through) of the screen

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There are times in cartoons where characters walk or run towards the camera and fill up the screen. But afterwards sometimes the camera will rotate 180° and show them walking back out of the screen.

A video full of them


  • A scene in A Goofy Movie, where Pete is bowling and makes PJ knock down one pin. Pete is cheering, "WOOHOO! STRIKE-OLA!" and he jumps into the camera filling up the screen and then jumping out.

  • A scene in Happily N'Ever After has a group of trolls begin walking toward a light shining at the castle. A pink one walks into the camera and walks back out.


  • The Pokémon episode "Bad to the Bone" where Professor Oak tells Ash that he should leave. Ash is running into the camera and runs out in a different scene.

  • Digi Mon:
    • "A Very Digi Christmas" where Agumon jumps out of a present box. He jumps out with his foot filling up the screen and jumps out of the camera into Tai's arms

Western Animation

  • Hey Arnold!:
    • "Ghost Bride" in Gerald's story where to Ghost Bride goes to his husband's house. Her face fills up the screen, cuts to black, and she walks back out.

  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • "The Grim Adventures of the KND" the scene where Billy's dad comes out of a puff of smoke trying to get his pants. While he walks, he says "I wear the pants around here!". We walks straight into the camera and walks back out saying "ME! me, me, me!"
    • "Operation C.O.L.L.E.G.E." The very beginning with Numbuh 1 drinking a shake
    • A video of them

  • Happens twice in the The Adventuresof Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius episode "The Eggpire Strikes Back", the scene at school where Ooblar tries to break up Jimmy and Cindy's argument. Ooblar tells them "Pipe down!" and floats toward the screen and then floats back out. And the scene where Jimmy and Goddard run to the park where Poultra's egg is.

  • Happens in the Lilo & Stitch: The Series episode "Frenchfry", when she and Stitch roll over Frenchfry near the end. First, Lilo rolls toward the camera, then it fades to blue and Sritch rolls out.

  • Static Shock:

  • Taz-Mania:
    • Close to the beginning of "Nursemaid Taz" with Taz's brother Jake. He and her sister are running toward the table and Jake runs into the screen and then runs out.

  • Rugrats:
    • "A Step at a Time" During a flashback of Tommy taking his first steps. He is walking toward the camera and his diaper fills up the screen and then he walks back out ending the flashback.
    • "Chuckie's Red Hair" the scene where Betty comes in with Phil and Lil. She walks toward the camera with her neck filling up the screen and then walks out.
    • "Stu Gets a Job" When Stu is in the Elvis suit saying "Well turnabout is fair play".
    • "Share and Share a Spike" with Didi as she is walking back into the house after being with Dil

  • Tomand Jerry Tales:
    • "You're Lion" where Tom and Jerry saw many lions in a dark hut. Tom runs away towards the camera, and runs back out

  • Total Drama Island episode "Paintball Deer Hunter" where DJ tosses Owen over the cliff. Owen is falling into the camera which fades to black and then falls out into the ocean
  • Total Drama Action episode "3:10 to Crazytown" with Trent and Owen falling off a diving board onto a horse

  • In the episode of Rocko's Modern Life "Who Gives a Buck" where Rocko, Heffer, and Spunky are on a floor escalator. They move toward the camera and Spunky's eyes fill up the screen and they move out of the camera from Heffer's butt.

  • In The Magic School Bus episode "Gets Lost in Space", Arnold does this when he gets fed up with his cousin Janet and when the bus stops he marches to Miss Frizzle.

  • The Simpsons:
    • "Selma's Choice" Bart and Lisa try to get Selma off a bench and ride a rollercoaster.
    • "Much Apu About Nothing" near the beginning where Homer tries to get beer from the fridge. "Let's all calm down. Everyone's going to be just fine. As long as I have enough beers."

Video Games

  • Mario Super Star Baseball: The very last scene of the game where Mario walks out of a field holding a baseball he walks slowly into the camera. Then the camera zooms out from his hat as he continues walking.
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