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Lust At First Sight

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"The first time I set eyes on Mary Swanson, I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where...[wistful sigh]...I'd do anything to bone her."

Lust is a feeling of intense desire, usually a sexual one, for something or someone. In this case, a character (sometimes a villain) develops a case of sexual lust for another character after first gazing upon them or meeting them. This may or may not lead them to try to rape the object of their lust or attempt lecherous advances, especially because they might be Not Good with Rejection. Sometimes this trope starts as lust but develops into love and sometimes it seems like it might be love but it turns out to really be just lust. Compare/Contrast Love at First Sight.

  • Fun Land for Rose Walker in Sandman: The Doll's House

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Frollo for Esmerelda. He has a sexual desire for her which develops after first seeing her dance and feels ashamed for this desire.
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring: Van Ruijven for Griet. He starts making lecherous advances on her shortly after meeting her and ultimately tries to rape her. He is stopped before he can though.

Anime and Manga
  • Ryuuko of Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest develops feelings of lust towards Inugami after gazing at him shirtless in a classroom. She attempts sexual advances on him but he doesn't return them. She's Not Good with Rejection as it turns out.
  • Prince Diamond seems to have this for Sailor Moon after gazing at her rebellious glare towards him. Before his death its revealed that he was actually in love with her however.
  • In Full Metal Panic! although Gauron says he loves Sousuke it seems more like this. Apparently after first seeing a 12-year-old S˘suke he became something of a Stalker with a Crush towards him. Even after five years of not seeing or hearing from Sōsuke, he still manages to recognize Sōsuke right away (at least, after he manages to get a clear view of Sōsuke's face), and apparently has never forgotten him ever since they first met. The lust part becomes especially obvious when we learn that he fantasized raping Sousuke's dead body.
  • In one episode, a random guy approached Karin and leered at her while saying she has a pretty nice body. When she tried to get away he grabbed her and pulled her down a alley. Thankfully Karin's sister saved her.
  • Words Worth: Fabris becomes obsessed with Sharon, upon first seeing, her in battle. He brazenly expresses his intention to rape her, and tries to make good on it immediately upon defeating her. Hyde's intervention, and Astral's timely arrival, keeps it from happening.
  • In Legend of the Blue Wolves as soon as Captain Continental gazes at Jonathan's picture he becomes interested in making him submit sexually to him. He attempts lecherous advances and when Jonathan refuses him he rapes him.
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