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The game places a restriction on how many weapons the player can carry at once
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AKA Two Gun Limit

Some games let the player carry an impossibly huge array of weapons, not these games. When this trope is in effect, the player character is stuck with just a certain fraction of the total amount of firepower in the game at any one time. If you want another option, you'll have to trade in one of your weapons to get ahold of it. Very popular in modern titles compared to the Hyperspace Arsenal days of DOOM. A popular modern variant will limit the player to just two main weapons at any time as popularized in Halo: Combat Evolved.

RPG games will sometimes allow the player to queue up a few preset selections of items from their inventory to be swapped through on the fly, for this, see Real Time Weapon Change. For RPGs where the player can't carry every single weapon in the game, but their bulging pack of death dealing devices still approaches Hyperspace Arsenal levels, see Inventory Management Puzzle. Frequently a cause of Throw Away Guns.


Action RPG
  • In Digimon World 4, each character can set up to three equipped weapons at a time. If you want to use that shiny new sword you picked up from a defeated enemy, you'll have to go back to base and equip it at the Digi Lab. Justified in that this is the Digital World and the Digimon probably have to load the weapon data.

First-Person Shooter
  • BioShock handles this a little oddly:
    • In the first two games the player has a Hyperspace Arsenal as far as weapons go, but the player is limited to only a select number of plasmid powers at a time, with additional slots costing precious ADAM.
  • BioShock Infinite, however, decided to give Booker acess to every Vigor at once while guns were limited to just two at a time.
  • The Call of Duty franchise follows this, limiting the player to just any two guns and a few accessories at a time.
  • Duke Nukem Forever implemented this despite Duke Nukem 3D featuring a Hyperspace Arsenal.
  • Fire Warrior has the player able to use two weapons and the bonding knife, but one of those weapons (The standard-issue Pulse Gun) cannot be replaced, forcing the player to drop any good gun they find to get another one.
  • Halo is the Trope Codifier for modern shooters. For all their super strength and other perks of being Super Soldier Space Marines, Master Chief and NOBLE Six can still only carry the same amount of hardware as the Badass Normal ODSTs.
  • Left 4 Dead: You can carry one primary weapon (generally rifles and shotguns) from a selection, one secondary weapon (either a set of unlimited ammo duel pistols or a melee weapon or a Desert Eagle) and one equipment item of each type (only one thrown explosive such as a pipe bomb or a molatov, choosing between a medkit and a defibrillator, etc...)
  • Rise of the Triad: the player can hold at one time any number of the infinite-ammo bullet weapons (of which there are three: single pistol, dual pistols, and machine gun) and only one of the limited-ammo missile/magic weapons.

Stealth-Based Game
  • In Splinter Cell Conviction, Sam and the two co-op characters Archer and Kestrel are only able to carry one main weapon (a rifle or shotgun) and a pistol. Sam can carry every type of gadget at once but the co-op characters get just any two at a time.

Third-Person Shooter
  • In Transformers: Prelude to Energon, you could equip up to four Mini-cons at a time when going into a level, but only two of which (assigned to the R1 and R2 slots) were actual weapons. When you collect a new minicon you have the option to swap it in, but otherwise you have to exit the level and re-enter if you want to change your current set.
  • The first three entries in the Gears of War series give the player access to two primary weapons, a pistol, and grenades on a cross-shaped menu. The fourth game, Judgment, ditches this menu and implements the pistol as a separate weapon slot.

Turn-Based Strategy
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Every one of your troops gets a primary weapon (the type of which is determined by their class), a secondary weapon (a pistol, unless they're a heavy in which case they get a rocket launcher instead) and a slot for extra utility items like medkits or armor. Medics can unlock an extra utility slot once they reach a certain rank.

Survival Horror
  • Dead Space: Isaac can only equip 4 weapons at a time. The rest must be either kept within the safe (accessible from any of the Ishimura's store consoles) or sold to those stores to free up space.
  • In the Commodore 64 game Project Firestart, you can carry two laser rifles at a time, and there's no way to recharge or swap ammo. If you want to pick up a brand new rifle from the armory, you need to empty out one of the ones you're carrying.

Western RPG
  • Done oddly in Mass Effect:
    • Mass Effect 1, being more of an RPG that happened to have guns in it than a shooter, had a standard RPG Hyperspace Arsenal inventory (hard-capped at 150 items.) However characters were limited to one of each weapon class equipped at a time, and were usually only proficient with a couple weapon classes.
    • Mass Effect 2 only allowed most characters to carry one copy of two weapon classes. Shepard got a heavy weapon as well and depending on his/her class might have additional weapons, and during a particular plot mission could either gain an additional slot or get an Infinity+1 Sword version of his/her primary weapon (for example, an Infiltrator could add the M-98 Widow Anti-Materiel Rifle to his/her sniper rifle selection).
    • Mass Effect 3 restricted Shepard's party members to two weapon classes out of five, but Shepard had access to all five slots. Using all five weapons made his/her powers recharge extremely slowly but nobody actively stopped you from doing it.
  • In The Witcher, you can only carry up to four weapons at a time: two Witcher swords (steel and silver), a short weapon (such as a dagger or a small axe), and a heavy weapon (e.g. a large axe or a morningstar). You cannot carry any weapons in your inventory at all.

Wide Open Sandbox
  • In Dead Rising 2, you are limited to carrying only a certain amount of items in your inventory, as well as certain items you can't keep in your inventory while equipping another item (like the chainsaw). Fortunately, as your level increases, so does the amount of items you could carry.
  • In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, CJ has twelve item slots, each of which corresponds to a particular category -- from melee weapons to shotguns to thrown weapons to gifts. It's more than one would expect a normal human being to be able to carry, but it does prevent situations like carrying both a rocket launcher and a flamethrower.
  • Red Dead Redemption: John Marston can only carry one of each type of weapon at a time. Weapons include pistols, shotguns, rifles, and thrown weapons such as fire bottles and dynamite.

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