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Kaiju Killing Corps (Zero Context Ex help)
Giant creatures are invading, equip an army with hi-mobility equipment and counterattack!
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NOTE when adding examples: Please include details about their equipment, the creatures and the optional weapons. also, feel free to add potholes and expound on the existing examples.

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There are other possible tropes here like: so what the hell do we do here?


Giant creatures have been attacking mankind for hundreds of years. Eventually, they have brought mankind to near extinction save for a few (or just one) strongholds. What's humanity to do?

Enter the Anti-Kaiju Mobile Attack Force. A special military (or paramilitary) unit dedicated to fighting off the invaders using state of the art, hi-mobility equipment and specialized weapons for targeting the enemies' weaknesses or capturing them for various purposes.

Also a Stock Plot, usually comes as a story about the struggle of a Badass Army (or a specific Unit, usuallyThe Squad) against the invaders, who will be of unknown origin and discovering their true nature and the motive behind their actions will be one of the main motivations in the story. Will also often invoke War Is Hell and have ordinary people Dying Like Animals. They may use Flight or Feather Motif, and have freedom as a common motif in the story.

A Military And Warfare Trope, subtrope of The Hunter. Compare with La Résistance, and contrast Torches and Pitchforks, both for when citizens take up arms against their fellow men with less advanced equipment.

Important elements for it to count:

  • Must involve Ensembles, otherwise, it's just The Hunter with a grappling hook/jetpack/Power Armor.
  • Must involve hi-mobility equipment for reaching the creatures' weak points, if there's any. Whether it's a Grappling Hook, Jetpacks, Power Armor, Mini-Mecha or a full on Humongous Mecha. Whether on Water, Land, Air, or Space; it counts. Non-flight capable bipedal mechas can only count if they were developed specifically for fighting the work's giant creatures. Not limited to actual machines or mechanical stuff; magic, flight, and other Stock Super Powers can work too as long as it involves movement.
  • The work's giant creatures need not to be that big. if the army fights them with wearable gear and the creatures are just about a few meters in size, then it still counts. If they fight with Humongous Mecha and the creatures are about the same size or bigger than the mechs, it counts.
  • The creatures don't need to be organic. Mechanical Lifeforms and Golems can count as well. The point is, our organization is hunting them for one reason or another, either (but not limited to) for defense or research.


Anime and Manga

  • Pacific Rim: Giant, city-destroying monsters (actually called "Kaiju" in-universe) emerge from a portal on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. The governments of the world realize that these Kaiju aren't going to stop coming, and that conventional weapons aren't suited to kill them without massive collateral damage. So the Jaeger program—consisting of Humongous Mecha, each piloted by two brain-linked humans—is created to deal with the threat.

  • The Matrix RevolutionsCaptain Mifune's unit with their Armored Personnel Unit vs the Sentinels. ZERO CONTEXT

  • Robert Heinlein's novel Starship Troopers focuses on a war between humans and Big Creepy-Crawlies from outer space. The mobile infantry in the story uses power armor designed to enhance a soldier's strength and agility in order to combat the Insectoid Aliens. Averted in the film adaptation due to budget and technological constraints.

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