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Nonuniform Uniforms
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OP: Nate The Great

Wulf-- This has been Up for Grabs for awhile now, so I'm hijacking it. Launching tonight or Monday.

A character is forced to wear some form of uniform which they find repressive, so they try to act out and be an individual through wearing something distinctive. In Real Life this is a key reason why novelty neckties are so popular. Big earrings, watches laden down with gadgets, mismatched socks, you get the idea.
  • Robert Fulghum once decided to wear a propeller beanie on his way to work. Imagine seeing an older gentleman walking down the street wearing a full suit and a propeller beanie.
  • On Star Trek more than one officer has gotten into trouble for wearing jewelry on duty. Apparently religious ornamentation is still allowed, but similar stuff worn just for fun is banned.
  • On Friends Joey was reluctant to remove his jacket in a restaurant 'cause he was wearing a (illegal, oh so illegal) shirt of "Calvin doin' Hobbes."
  • School uniform modification abounds both in fiction and Real Life.
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