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Outside Meme Reference

A reference to an outside internet meme.

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With the internet being as large as it is, it is obvious that memes form a large part of our society in the modern world. As such, modern works will often want to get in on the action by referencing said memes.

Please do not confuse this with Ascended Meme, where the show references a meme that came from the show, or Meme Acknowledgment, where the show itself doesn't reference the meme, but something related to it (i.e. a voice actor or The Merch) does.


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  • December 20, 2013
    Let me guess, Ascended Meme is in the TRS and this trope to being used to cover the outside references?
  • December 21, 2013
    ^ No, Meme Acknowledgment was made for a TRS thread a while ago. This was just something I thought of.
  • December 21, 2013
    • Forgath in Goblins once took an arrow to the knee. When Minmax pointed out the injury, Forgath responded that it wouldn't hinder his plans to keep up his career as an adventurer.
  • December 21, 2013
    So... basically this is a trope where a show references a meme even though they had nothing to do with it.

    Yeah, that's called a Shout Out. Trying to apply this to memes in particular is The Same But More.
  • December 21, 2013
    ^ You ninja'd me on the Shout Out thing.