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The Girl Everyone Wants To Date

The girl who is every guy's romantic target

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Needs a sanppier name.

I get the feeling we have variants of this but not this specifically.

What is says on the tin. This is a girl, usually in a highschool setting though any story with a lot of teenagers can have her. She's usually extremely pretty, talented and smart. However, negative versions may be The Ditz or the Alpha Bitch. She may or may not be an Oblivious Chick Magnet (err, guy magnet?), if she isn't then she'll either gamely take her pick from the guys after her, treat them like disposable suitors and milk them for gifts, or be extremely frustrated at being objectified.

An adult version is possible a la There's Something About Mary, though in these cases the guys after her are more spaced out and less a teeming mass.

Has a high chance of being the protagonist's Love Interest. Usually at the top of the Popularity Food Chain.
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