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Tentacled Terror
Monsters are given tentacles to make them more terrifyingly alien.
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A place to put examples that are currently shoehorned into Eldritch Abomination and Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods. Needs a Better Description.

Supertrope of Cthulhumanoid. Uses Combat Tentacles by default, and many other things for which tentacles are useful. In many ways, this is the contemporary version of Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever.


Anime And Manga
  • The 8-Tailed Beast from Naruto is a bull with humanoid arms and eight octopus tentacles for "tails". It used to be feral, but after being Killer Bee's host for enough he's calmed down. However, he's not really a comical octopus either, as he's more of a Straight Man.

  • Watchmen - Ozymandias engineers one and teleports it into New York in an attempt to trick humanity into world peace.

  • Tentacles are among the many nefarious organs and appendages iconic of The Thing, first seen when the infected husky attempts to consume the other dogs. Other places from which tentacles have been known to emerge from include cadavres, sucking chest wounds, bisected skulls, mouths, and the floor.

  • The Martians in The War of the Worlds have tentacles as one of their defining features.
  • The Cthulhu Mythos contains many. HP Lovecraft was both violently allergic to pretty much all seafood and had an irrational phobia of marine life. Consequently, tentacles, tendrils, and polyps are everywhere in his works, to the point that they are considered all but inseparable from Cosmic Horror. So you can probably thank him for most of this page!
    • The octopus-headed star spawn, and their leader, the Dread Lord C'thulhu, Master of R'lyeh.]]
    • The Whately twins (including the human one) in The Dunwich Horror .
    • Hastur is often depicted as something tentacled hidden under a cowl.
    • Chthonians, which look like a cross between a squid and a worm.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring. The Watcher in the Water in the pool outside the gate to Moria, which sent out its tentacles to grab the members of the Fellowship. Fingered tentacles.

Tabletop Games
  • Stormbringer supplement Stormbringer Companion. The kyrenee is a huge cloud-like monster with long tentacles covered by a lethal acidic poison.
  • Call of Cthulhu campaign Shadows of Yog Sothoth. If the Investigators haven't disarmed the Watchers on Easter Island, they will be attacked by the Messenger of the Gods while on the way to R'lyeh. The Messenger is a large amorphous mass that drops tentacles to attack victims below it.
  • D&D loves this trope.
    • Displacer Beasts: panthers with tentacles.
    • The most popular example are the Illithids, also known as Mind Flayers. They are mostly similar to skinny grey humans but with heads that look like an octopus with four arms, which they use to get hold of their victims' heads and eat their brains.
    • Aboleths are among the oldest sentients, and have bodies somewhat similar to sharks but possessing three eyes in a vertical row on their forehead, a lamprey mouth, and four long tentacles instead of fins. They mentally enslave humanoids they find and transform them into fish people to serve in their underwater cities.
    • The Darktentacles monster in the Forgotten Realms, a huge amphibious predator with tentacles up to 20 feet long.
    • All pseudonatural creatures, tainted by the Far Realm whence nightmares come, possess tentacles by default.

Video Games
  • The Colmillos enemies in Resident Evil 4 seem to be relatively normal wolves... until they spout several Combat Tentacles from their back which they use to stab Leon repeatedly.

Web Original

Western Animation
  • In the pilot episode of Justice League, something called "Imperium" appeared, a big, night-loving blob with tentacles.
  • In Chaotic, the M'arrillian Tribe is hostile sea food at the lower-rungs, but the higher rungs, like Chieftains and Aa'une himself, are mostly eyes and slimy tentacles that don't look like anything. Aa'une's One-Winged Angel form with multiple mouths and a dozen tentacles now makes him by far the ugliest creature in the entire series.
  • The Simpsons: Kang, Kodos, and the other Rigellian aliens which show up in Tree House Of Horror episodes are giant eyeballs with a mouth and tentacles which are used for locomotion.
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