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Nose Nabbing
Grabbing a person's nose in a playful matter or as a distraction.
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Sometimes, when you're playing with another person, you will playfully reach out and grab him on the nose. Sometimes the person may like it, but if the person Hates Being Touched, he may not like it at all.

Essentially, this is a trope where one character will grab another on the nose either in a playful matter (known as the "Got your nose" game) or when distracting an enemy.

May also be Played for Laughs if the character getting his nose grabbed has a Cleopatra Nose or a Gag Nose.

Not to be confused with Nose Tapping.


Anime and Manga

  • Often done maliciously (but Played for Laughs) by The Three Stooges. Usually either by grabbing the nose and twisting, or grabbing and then quickly slapping down on the fist with the other hand.
  • Dogma: When the protagonist asks an adorable female God what the meaning of the universe is, God grabs her nose and says "Boop!"

  • In the Stephen King story The Langoliers, Nick Hopewell grabs Craig Toomey's nose to make him shut up. Nothing playful here, it's a painful nose hold, but the very annoying Jerkass had it coming.
  • When Peeves from Harry Potter catches people late for class, one of the things he does is sneak up invisibly, grab their nose and yell "GOT YOUR CONK!"

Live-Action TV
  • In The Drew Carey Show Lewis does this on The Devil (first name The, surname Devil) and claims he stole The Devil's soul. The Devil doesn't fall for the trick.
    Lewis: Did you know that a person of pure of heart can steal the devils soul?
    Lewis: Got your soul! Got your soul!
  • Seven Days: In "The Gettysburg Virus" Parker grabs a research facility's Decoy Leader's nose when the Decoy obfuscates over the existence of a mutated form of Ebola virus which Parker knows they have (on account of being from seven days in the future where a religous nut stole & released it, killing 98% of the world's population).
  • Spin City: Mike steals a social workers nose when Carter ask him to do "that nose thing" (pictured above). Unlike Carter the social workers is not amused.
  • Cheers: Sam & Diane get in a fight and end up grabbing each other's noses. They agree to let go On Three but when three comes neither one lets go.
  • On Taxi, Alex is reunited with his daughter. After challenged that he knows nothing about her, he mentions he knows her favorite joke and does the 'got you nose' thing. She cries, and he says it's no longer her favorite joke.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus: Mr. Raymond Luxury Yachtnote  wears an enormous polystyrene nose which an interviewer pulls off his face.

Newspaper Comics
  • In Peanuts, there's a strip where Peppermint Patty does this to Snoopy.
  • In Rose Is Rose, the baby Mimi is quite prone to this.

  • Referenced in the second verse of the song "Please Don't Bury Me" by John Prine:
    Look out! I've got your nose!

Puppet Shows

Web Original
  • 5 Second Films skit "The Nose Collector" depicts a man grabbing baby's nose, just before being surrounded by four men demanding their noses back, with bloody bandages where their noses were.

Web Animation
  • In the very first short of the first ASDF Movie, a man does this to a kid. Immediately the police storms in, yelling: "Look out! He's got a nose!" Then they shoot him.

Western Animation
  • In the Adventures from the Book of Virtues episode "Respect", Aristotle does this to Socrates while the two of them are playing tag. Naturally, this causes Socrates to go into an angry fit about it.
  • Mr. Bogus also fell victim to this in the first act of the episode "Bogus To The Rescue", after his reflection gains a life of its own. The first thing the reflection does is grab Bogus's nose in a playful matter, complete with comical squeaky sounds.
  • In South Park, Michael JaJefferson does this with his son Blanket. The latter does it to, but grabs off his real nose.
  • In a Flashback episode of The Simpsons Homer plays this with baby Bart but it backfires.
    Homer: Got your nose!
    Bart: Got your wallet!
    [Bart runs offscreen and flushes Homer's wallet down the toilet]
    • In another episode when Moe is babysitting Maggie, as he's about to leave she acts upset & reaches out to him.
      Moe: Why's she cryin'? Oh, that's right. I still got her nose. (touches her nose with his thumb) Here you go, ya little idiot. Maggie coos happily.
  • In one Cutaway Gag of Family Guy, Chris plays this on Peter while watching TV. Peter then rips Chris's face off, saying that he's got his face. Chris gets up and runs around screaming. Lois, who did not even see this happen, tells Chris to calm down and it was only a trick.
    • Quagmire does this to Stewie in the episode, "The Courtship of Stewie's father", frightening him.
  • In The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Hugh Neutron does this playfully with Brobot; since Brobot is a robot, Hugh actually pulls off his nose unintentionally.
    • In the episode, "Normal Boy", after Jimmy drains his brain, Sheen does this to him, frightening him. Carl then scolds Sheen into giving Jimmy back his nose.
  • In the Animaniacs episode "H.M.S. Yakko", the Warners mention this gag in their version of the Major General Song.
    Yakko: When in a jam, I just yell "stop" and villians in their tracks are froze
    Then I sneak up, and utter "start" and take my hands and honk their nose.
  • Young Justice has Adam Strange on planet Rann distracting train guards from noticing Superboy by reciting the Jabberwock, then he uses this trope on a guard and runs out shouting the White Hare's opening line.
    • Also done in the first episodes when Kid Flash does this literally to Blockbuster's former human nose after being mutated.

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