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All Butlers Are Named Sebastian In Japan
In Japanese media, butlers are stereotypically associated with the name Sebastian.
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I tried this a long time ago, but neglected it, so here it is again:
In Japanese media, butlers are stereotypically associated with the name Sebastian. Possibly due to the 1960's anime adaptation of Heidi; Clara the Ill Girl's butler Sebastian was a very popular character.

In Real Life Victorian times, butlers, like most servants, were traditionally examples of Only One Name (when on the job). Although lower-ranking servants were addressed by their first names (and even in Real Life frequently were assigned stock names rather than their own names), the highest ranking servants (butler, housekeeper and cook) were dignified by using their (actual) surnames. Sebastian is therefore an unlikely butler name because Sebastian is usually a personal (first) name rather than a family (last) name.

Note: Characters whose first name is Sebastian don't count. They must either have the surname Sebastian or be addressed as Sebastian (and not because of First Name Basis).


Butlers actually named Sebastian
  • Black Butler: The titular butler.
  • Tatakau! Sebastian: A drama CD featuring Ookawa Touru as the titular butler.
  • Suikoden 3: Thomas's butlers name is Sebastian.
  • Phi Brain Kami No Puzzle: The old mistress' butler is named Sebastian.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: There is a brief appearance of a butler named Sebastian.
  • Nier: There is a butler named Sebastian.

Butler-ness associated with Sebastian-ness generally
  • My Girlfriends A Geek: Y-chan, after deciding the protagonist would make a good butler-type, starts calling him "Sebastian", then immediately shortens it to "Sebas", then to "Sebas-Uke".
  • Manga.Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: One character insists on calling the Itoshiki families' butler Sebastian.
  • Lucky Star: Konata treats Minoru like a butler, and insists on calling him "Sebasian." (This is a parody of a scene in Maria-sama ga Miteru.)
  • Junjou Romantica: Misaki immediately assumes the Usami family butler is named Sebastian (he's not).
  • Mayoi Neko Overrun!: Chise calls her butler "Sebastian, " and he replies, "My name is Tanaka."
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