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Personified Conscience

A character that only one other character can see, who acts as the latter character's conscience

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A character has an Imaginary Friend, or any other character that only they can see, who acts as The Conscience to them - suggesting to them the right thing to do, or perhaps reminding them of the wrongs they have committed.

Note: Many works only show that one character is the hallucination of another as part of The Reveal; hence, spoilers below.

Compare Good Angel, Bad Angel: this trope serves the same narrative function as the "Good Angel". See also Ghost in the Machine.


  • The Machinist: the ending reveals that Ivan is Trevor's hallucination, and a projection of his own self-loathing and guilt about a hit-and-run he committed several months prior to the start of the film.
  • Spec Ops: The Line: The ending of the game reveals that Col. Konrad was Dead All Along, and was in fact Cpt. Walker's hallucination, acting as this role for him.
  • Scrubs: The episode "My Screw-Up" has Ben die of a cardiac arrest in the middle of the episode. Dr. Cox goes into denial about his death and hallucinates Ben's presence for the rest of the episode. Ben acts as Cox's conscience, urging him to attend Ben's funeral and forgive JD (under whose supervision Ben died).
  • In one episode of Phil of the Future, Pim (who is evil) is visited by someone only she can see who claims to be her conscience, who looks just like her friend Debbie. Of course, in the following episode she's back to her old ways.
  • Seraphim from Megatokyo. See also mentions there's a whole agency dedicated to this idea, so in theory Largo also has one, but given his personality and the fact that his designed conscience can't talk, it really doesn't matter.
  • Community offers an inversion with Abed's "Evil Abed" hallucination.
  • Also the mini-ghost of Chef Gusteau from Ratatouille (figment of imagination).
  • Gazoo serves this role to Fred Flintstone.
  • Ninja Ninja from Afro Samurai serves as this to the eponymous protagonist, as he is heavily implied to be the personification what's left of Afro's humanity. The fact that a few other characters can actually see him, let alone talk to him, however, calls some of this into question.

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