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Null Buff

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A counter to when an enemy buffs itself or yourself is debuffed is to nullify it.


Video Games
  • Pokémon: the move Haze nullifies all buffs and debuffs of all the Pokemon on the field.
    • Clear Smog nullifies any buffs on the target in addition to dealing damage.

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  • September 7, 2012
    Is this any different from Status Buff Dispel? The Haze and Clear Smog examples are already mentioned on that article.
  • September 7, 2012
    K, wondering if it already existed
  • September 7, 2012
    Ah. Alright. In future, you might want to try asking at Lost And Found if you're uncertain whether or not a trope exists. It might seem to just be a place for tropes you can't find, but it's also the best place to ask "Do We Have This One".