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Honorable Marriage Proposal
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A man who isn't the father of the child proposes to a pregnant woman in order to preserve her honour in a society with strong views on extramarital sex. Whether this is a suitable basis for a happy marriage largely depends on the work's idealism.

If it happens nowadays, the guy either has a very strict sense of duty or is just in love with the woman and making excuses. Also, expect his actions to be criticised for implying that a single mother can't raise a baby alone.

Sister Trope to Shotgun Wedding.


  • In Deadwood, Ellsworth to Alma Garret, as she's bearing the child of a guy who's only (lovelessly) wed for the similarly-honorable reason of dutifully marrying the widow of his dead brother.
  • Strongly implied in, of all things, Lady and the Tramp. After Tramp spends the night alone with Lady, Jock and Trusty discuss proposing to her to protect her honor.
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