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Turning Of The Paper
Turning/unfolding paper involving images or words one expects will be important.
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Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I am open to title suggestions.

Alice passes a piece of paper to Bob, with the side containing the relevant image or writing not directly facing him.

Perhaps it may be something Bob might think he would rather be blissfully unaware of. Perhaps it may be something Bob cannot afford the implications of knowing. Whatever the reason, Bob may in some cases show some hesitation in turning it over, or unfolding it, or whatever else...

... or not. In other cases, Bob might turn it over without hesitation, perhaps to suggest he is not inclined towards willful ignorance and is unafraid of the consequences, or alternatively that he is simply not aware of them in the first place.

Truth in Television, such as in cases where someone is unsure about their grade on some test or assignment, which is passed back face-down on the desk.

EDIT: I'm considering broadening this to that which would also encompass unfolding of paper, opening of envelopes, etc... what say you, YKTTW? Any suggestions for a title (and laconic description) that would encompass all of that?


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