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The sport of fox hunting as depicted in fiction
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Fox Hunting was once a favorite sport of the upper-class, involving the use of a pack of trained dogs followed by uniformed hunters on horseback, sometimes carrying guns. Though practiced around the world, it was especially popular in the United Kingdom, resulting in this turning up in a lot of British fiction, until it was made illegal in 2004. In recent decades, attitudes toward the sport have shifted and it's typically seen as cruel and inhumane, hence the fact that it doesn't show up in fiction quite as often as it did before the 1950's. Although, there were still plenty of fictional depictions even back then which made the audience sympathize with the fox.


  • One Lucky Luke story has a Quintessential British Gentleman and his butler seek their fortune in the Far West, the butler makes repeated mention of having witnessed a fox hunt that ended in the manor library.
  • One story in Roger the Dodger had him finding a fox and having to smuggle it past some fox hunters (this was around the time the ban was being campaigned for).
  • X-Men when Mastermind was using his illusions to bring Jean Grey into the Hellfire Club, one of the setpieces was a fox hunt—with a human quarry.

  • Disney's Mary Poppins. After Mary, Bert and the children jump into one of Bert's sidewalk chalk drawings, they end up riding horses that were originally on a merry-go-round. They encounter a fox hunt, and Bert saves the fox (who has an Oirish accent) from the hounds.
  • Omen 3: The Final Conflict. During a fox hunt, two of the priests hunting Damien Thorn try to attack him. He uses his demonic powers to control the hounds and make them kill one of the priests.
  • At the end of their short "Ants in the Pantry", The Three Stooges go fox hunting with the rich socialites they'd been hired by to exterminate pests in their house. Curly has a cold, and picks up a skunk thinking it's a fox. Moe and Larry pass out due to the smell, as does their horse.

Live-Action Television
  • The Goodies episode "Hunting Pink" is about Tim becoming obsessed with fox hunting.
  • An episode of CSI NY had a teenaged girl who'd recently accompanied a more well off friend on a fox hunt in Britain as the Victim of the Week (a case of Did Not Do The Research, since while hunts still go on, they use scent trails rather than foxes and although they did mention they were illegal they implied the ban was being flouted). Said friend killed her because she was jealous her father paid more attention to the friend.
  • In the British "adult" puppet show Mongrels Nelson's grandfather was killed in a fox hunt.
  • Northern Exposure: Maurice tries to entertain a visiting British noblewoman by having a fox hunt, but a group of activists rescue the fox before the scheduled hunt. Ed volunteers to be a human fox for the hunt.

Western Animation
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