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Ms Male Character

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A female version of an already established or default male character, the Ms Male Character is defined primarily by their relationship to the male counterpart through their visual properties, narrative connection, and occasionally promotional materials.

When the Ms Male Character or characters is an exact duplicate of the default male character or characters, she is a Distaff Counterpart.


Video Games
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  • December 3, 2013
    How is this distinct from Distaff Counterpart?
  • December 3, 2013
    It's not.
  • December 3, 2013
    Can Ms Male Character be a soft split in he Distaff Counterpart trope like Spear Counterpart is?
  • December 3, 2013
    ... probably not, especially if you can't elaborate a difference between the two.
  • December 4, 2013
    Yeah, this is Distaff Counterpart. Motion To Discard.
  • December 4, 2013
    The second paragraph makes this sound like Distaff Counterpart But Less So.
  • December 4, 2013
    Also see Affirmative Action Legacy when it's a woman inheriting a male character's supername/powers. So this isn't covering any new ground.
  • December 4, 2013
    This would be a subtrope of Distaff Counterpart. "Visual properties" should link to Put A Bow On Her Head. The "narrative connection" refers to Never A Self Made Woman.

    The examples should be written like:

    • Ms Pac-Man of the Pac-Man franchise holds the distinction of being the original Ms. Male Character in video games because she was created to be appealing to female gamers by adding a red bow etc on top of the original Pac Man template. Her narrative is that she is both Pac-Man's love interest and also the mother of his child.

    • In the Mario franchise, the Koopalings were originally described as Bowser’s seven children, all of them are male except for one named Wendy O Koopa. We know she is female because she is designed to look very frilly and act like a diva to separate her from her male siblings.
  • December 4, 2013
    ^Those examples pretty much are just Tertiary Sexual Characteristics because they're basically just "certain aesthetic = female character". They don't read differently at all.
  • December 4, 2013
  • December 4, 2013
    Discard plz.