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One of the Stock Superpowers; a person with Super Reflexes can react to situations faster than normal. This is typically used to allow him to dodge or cancel threats that would otherwise blindside a regular character.

Super Reflexes is often a Required Secondary Power for Super Speed, but the two are not equivalent; just because a character can dodge a flurry of fists doesn't mean he can run halfway across a field in the blink of an eye.

In non-superhero settings, Super Reflexes may be called other names like "Combat Reflexes" or "Heightened Response".

Also see Bullet Time, a visual effect often used to depict this trope. Compare and contrast with Spider-Sense.


  • As mentioned in the description, most Comic Book superheroes with Super Speed will also have Super Reflexes as a Required Secondary Power. Character with Super Speed but without Super Reflexes are rare, and tend to acquire it as part of their training.
  • Spider-Man's Super Reflexes is closely linked to his Spider-Sense, allowing him to dodge attacks even without being aware of them.
  • Squirrel Girl has Squirrel Agility -- the proportionate speed and reflexes of a squirrel.
  • Shatterstar is often shown to use his Super Reflexes to augment his swordfighting skills.
  • Most Force users have this power, due to their affinity with The Force.
  • Arguably, Indiana Jones uses this to dodge many of the deathtraps he ends up in.
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