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Third Person Memories
When we see a character's memories as though we were standing next to them rather than through their eyes.
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We often visit a character's memories in fiction, whether in a flashback or if another character actually visits their memory.

What we rarely see, however, is the scene as if through the remember-ee's eyes. More often, we're standing nearby and able to see things outside their field of vision, perhaps including the back of their own head.

In flashbacks, that's an Acceptable Break from Reality as filming as if through the character's eyes could be confusing and annoying for the viewer, but when a character, through magic or Applied Phlebotinum, enters someone's memory, they ought logically to be experiencing it as if they were that person. Instead, they are usually a third-person spectator. They can usually look around freely and even move about, though they might be constrained to stay near the person whose memory it is.


  • In Harry Potter, you can enter another person's memories via a pensieve, but inside the memory you'll still be yourself, watching the person whose memory it is.

  • In Last Days Of Foxhound, the rest of FOXHOUND enter Ocelot's mind and experience his memories. In this case they're not even beside him but watching from behind a building a short distance away.
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