Conceive and kill
Female kills mate after impregnation
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Referring to the trope of the female becoming pregnant and then killing her mate, often in the act of copulation. A sub-trope that is part of various tropes, including the "black widow", "out with a bang" and possibly "someone to remember him by" tropes.

Comic books: - This appears in one Wonder Woman comic. It also appears in a The Incredible Hercules comic (the story told from #121-125). Amadeus Cho has an interest in Delphyne Gorgon, but she tells him that killing after mating is the custom of the women of her race.

Fiction: - Occurs in the play Lysistrata amongst the Amazons. Occurs with the Re'em, a mythological biblical creature claimed to be associated with the Bible. According to the myth, there are only two Re'em in the world at one time. They meet every 70 years for mating. After conception, the female Re'em kills her partner with a single bite. Sort of appears in Hans Staden's "Wahre Geschichte" (Book II: 29, 1974, p. 179). The man to be sacrificed is given a native woman until the sacrifice comes and the above reference says that if the native woman has a child by him, the child is raised until the age of sacrifice is reached, though the native partner isn't the sole perpetrator; rather, she is one of a crowd. This story is loosely revisited in the 1971 Brazilian film "How tasty was my little Frenchman", portraying the tupinambás tribe. Occurs with Jim Book in American Vampires. He becomes infected with a disease that will turn him into a vampire, so he persuades Abilena to shoot him. She agrees on the condition he impregnates her first.

Nature: - This is believed to happen with skeleton shrimps: - after mating, the female injects her partner with venom: - Also happens with scorpions: - Also known to happen with praying mantises and various species of spider.
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