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Suddenly, Rock Music

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Needs a better description and name. Also, Should We Have This?? I can't be the only person who's seen this cut so many times I just start laughing when it shows up. (In spite of having Seen It a Million Times, the only example that comes to mind offhand is Kaurismaki's Match Factory Girl.)

This is a trope found in a lot of European art films. The closer the film gets to cynicism on the Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism, the chance of this trope appearing increases exponentially. After a particularly somber and depressing moment, there'll be a quick cut to a party or concert or other appropriate place where they're playing LOUD, upbeat rock music, always with lyrics in American English. Probably meant to show the difference between the main character's depression and the shallow concerns of the outside world, or representing the character trying to startle themselves out of their shell (or the director trying to startle audiences awake, as the case may be). It may also have something to do with capitalism or excess depending on the movie's Aesop. See also Soundtrack Dissonance and Mood Whiplash.
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