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Waiting Puzzle
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The waiting puzzle is a Stock Videogame Puzzle which is solved by having the player simply remain in a certain area for probably at least 15 seconds. This often turns into a serious Guide Dang It if no hints are given that the room is special and it's not obvious what impasse would be removed.

Some versions of this puzzle involve an NPC inching slowly across the screen, whose actions will set the Event Flag, while the player stands by.

Closely related is the balancing act puzzle, in which the player must remain within a demarcated but unstable area for a certain time period while struggling to counteract gravity or other forces.

The inverse of Timed Mission, and a form of Fake Longevity.

  • La-Mulana has a bunch of these:
    • Unlocking Baphomet's ankh requires waiting around in the Twin Labyrinths room diametrically opposite (and not directly connected) to the Boss Room.
    • The most annoying part of a multi-part puzzle in the Confusion Gate requires waiting for a Mook to random-walk into a conspicuous piece of scenery.
    • Getting the Ocarina requires pausing the game in a certain spot while holding the pregnant statue and waiting for Lemeza to go to sleep.
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