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Magic Heirloom
Magic is something that is passed on through heirlooms or artifacts
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Magic isn't always for everyone. Sometimes, it's an inherent gift, and sometimes, it's something that you discover on your own. But what happens when a person is dying and they can't just transfer the secret on their own? Or if the person doesn't want the secret to get out of a certain circle?

This is where the Magic Heirloom comes in. Someone who has discovered the secret of magic will encode it or infuse it within an artifact of some sort and pass it down to someone who he would deem worthy to inherit the secret.

Compare Witch Species, when magic is inherited through genetics (although it may overlap) and Take Up My Sword, which involves a dying party transferring their powers to someone else. Very likely to become a MacGuffin. May also overlap with Ancient Artifact.


Anime and Manga
  • Magi in the Nasuverse usually encode their knowledge in a Magic Crest, which is then passed on through future generations, allowing the knowledge they have gained to accumulate.
  • Alchemy being a science in Fullmetal Alchemist, alchemists encode the secrets to their research in various ways such as ciphers and tattoos. The most notable one is Scar's alchemy obtained from his brother, which is tattooed to his arm.

  • In theDeryni universe, the Eye of Rom (a large cabochon ruby set as an earring), the Ring of Fire (a ring set with red garnets, used as a coronation ring), and the Lion Brooch (a gold and red enamelled cloak clasp the size of a man's fist). The Haldane potential is set in each heir and triggered in each new king in one or more rituals using these items and occasionally others. Repeated ritual use over the course of centuries has imbued these items with magical power. King Donal also uses a silver bracelet for this purpose in Childe Morgan.
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