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The Alleged Ship
When the Space/sea ship that all the main characters are serving on is an old, outdated, piece of crap
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When the main Characters of a novel serve in a navy, whether that navy sails through sea, or space, out of all the ships in that navy, The Hero and the other main characters are stuck on an old piece of Crap, that is usually described as rusty, and decades out of date, and the ship should have been scuttled for parts long ago. nevertheless, this ship becomes the hero's Flagship, either through jerry-rigging on better equipment, or through the tactics of A Guile Hero.

There are several explainations for this trope, but usually it boils down to two reasons

1: The ship is a dumping ground for problem officers, Wildcards, and incompetants that High command doesn't want on better warships (one of thses misfits is usually the hero who can transform the rest from a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits into his Badass Crew

2: Financial difficulties and/or lack of funds makes all the ships like this, and this one is operated by an especially Badass Crew

Compare to The Alleged Car


  • Mike Reznick's Starship novels put the hero on the Teddy Rosvelt, an old dilapidated, rust bucket, that the hero turns into one of the most feared ships in the galaxy

  • In the Destroyermen books, the Walker is this in the real world, but becomes an engine of destruction in the Parallel Universe. Then it turns back into one when it faces the Amagi

  • Down Periscope U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Thomas Dodge is given command of a rusty World War II era submarine and ordered to take part in a war game with a modern Los Angeles class attack sub. His crew is a motley group of rejects and misfits.

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