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There are those movies, books, games and so on that no matter how BAD they are, people will see them anyway. The reason is often because the reviewer dislikes it for reasons separate from why fans like it.

For instance, TV Guide had a review trashing a Goosebumps special (which incidentally is shown on FOX, TV Guide's sister company). Kids watched it anyway. Do kids really care what TV Guide thinks about their favorite horror book series and a show based on it?

Another example is Left Behind. The books are said to be really badly written, and I read a blog entry that gave specific examples of stupid the characters act. But their target audience strongly believes the books' message and doesn't care how much bad dialog, unrealistic plot devices and so on get in the way of what's important to them.

Anyway, this is Critic-Proof, when no critic can stop a work's popularity.

Any examples? Do we have an article like this? (NOT Preaching to the Choir, which is when you make a work aimed at those who already agree with it)
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