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Window Staring Moment
A character looking outside the window in a way reflecting on the tone of a moment.
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Jack: Lemon, that's actually MY thoughtful window staring spot. Visitors stare... gestures to other window over here.
Liz: sighs and stares thoughtfully out her window
Jack: sighs and stares thoughtfully out his window

Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions. (That, and suggestions for how to improve the wording of the description, as I am still not quite sure how to describe this.)

It seems thatwhether one is in a building, or a vehicle, or whatever else, a good a way to convey a mood, is to show a character or group of characters looking through a window, such that the combination of window-staring pose with the visuals and music would help emphasize whether a theme is hopeful or hopeless, ashamed or proud, or whatever other contrast might be involved.

Sometimes associated with the Contemplative Boss.

EDIT: Also, I tentatively scrapped the categorization, although this does make the trope seem a little more vague. Input on whether or not to go back to it, and why, might be helpful.


  • An example of the "defeated" variety would the in "The Old Man And Lisa" when Burns is at an old folks' place, and stares through the window at the place's lawn after losing his job because a bunch of Yes-Men were to cowardly to inform Burns that his business strategies were flawed. He eventually makes it back to the top, but had to hire Lisa in order to do so, for which in turn he had to give up some of his old evil habits, at least temporarily.
  • The ending to Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back would be an example of a more hopeful variety.
  • An optimistic, proud, "look what we accomplished" kind of mood like that used in this Pearl Jam video.
  • The way Picard stared out his space-window on Star Trek.
  • Another variety would be in The Dark Knight, when mayor Garcia looks out the window while saying something to Dent, only for a corpse of (fake) Batman to slam into the window. (Not shown in video.)
  • In Friends, after Chandler and Joey realise how miserable they are no longer living together. Chandler is shown looking sadly out of a window with rain dripping down it, then Joey is, before the camera pulls back and shows that Joey is actually looking at a square glass fountain.
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