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Goon Squad
Small outfit of mauve- and red-shirts whose purpose is as bodyguards to a particular character
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A Sub-Trope of EliteMooks. This is a small group composed of Mauve Shirts and maybe a Red Shirt or two, who are subservient bodyguards to a particular charismatic leader-type. They usually have some kind of uniform or distinguishing mark, but are not as developed as characters or as thematically developed as the Quirky Miniboss Squad. They may have military, police or paramilitary training. Their main job is to intimidate people and beat up the ones who get on the wrong side of their boss's graces. Other than that, they rarely have a major role, and are almost more plot device than character. They may be the heroes or the villains of another story, depending on who they serve. They are sometimes led by Those Two Bad Guys. They are frequently subjected to You Have Failed Me, as well as the Blofeld Ploy.

Frequently summoned by the following exchange, or something very similar:

Character A: "You and what army?"
Character B: "This army."

Note that this does not cover friendly groups of "bad guys," or Villain Protagonists who are considered and treated like main characters, for example, Tony Soprano's close associates. Phil Leotardo's associates, on the other hand, might count.

No Real Life Examples, please.


  • The Joker employed Mooks throughout most of The Dark Knight, but the four of five guys in masks that he employed to rob the Mafia bank in the first scene fit this pretty well, only to be betrayed and killed, one by one, by the Joker.
  • Pow Wow Highway: Cheyenne activist Buddy is targeted by the conservative tribal chief's GOONS (Guardians Of the Oglala Nation) when he visits an Oglala Reservation. Based on an actual organization known by that acronym.

Live-Action Television
  • Virtually every bad guy in the Batman live action series had three goons who wore thematic uniforms and more often than not had their name on their shirt.
  • Ebony's militia in The Tribe were a small group of ex-Locos (chaotic evil post-apunkalyptic teenage street fighters) who were loyal to Ebony and still wore the old team colors. When Ebony left the mall, she took the militia with her.
    • Billy-Boy, leader of the Jackals, was often accompanied by his own Goon Squad in Season 2.
    • As was Moz of the Mozquitoes in Season 3. The Guardian, leader of the religious cult "The Chosen," had the elite Praetorian Guard.
  • Gustavo's thugs in Breaking Bad fill this role by intimidating and beating up people who threaten Gustavo's business.
  • In one episode of Battlestar Galactica, Roslin was shown to have a non-military security contingent onboard Colonial One, who were specifically stated to have been drawn from the small pool of ex-police officers and security personnel among the 50,000 surviving human beings. In later seasons, they were replaced by a contingent of marines from Galactica (by this time, the initially rocky relations between the military and civilian leaderships of the fleet had been smoothed over), who also fulfilled this role for Commander (later Admiral) Bill Adama.
    • Tom Zarek had one of these as well, composed of other former prisoners from the Astral Queen; they were primarily shown on the surface of Kobol, during renegade Roslin's alliance with Zarek.
    • When Gaeta launched his mutiny against Adama, one of the first things he did was organize a Goon Squad for himself.
  • In Wild Palms, Senator Kreutzer used a group of well-dressed thugs as his Goon Squad and Secret Police. The main character witnessing them beating up a man in a restaurant, while all the other patrons ignored it, was one of the catalysts for his becoming aware that not all was as it seemed.

Western Animation:

  • The Simpsons, "Last Exit to Springfield": Homer is the head of the union and they're on strike, so Mr. Burns sends some goons to Homer's house.
    Homer: Who is it?
    Voice: Goons.
    Homer: Who?
    Voice: Hired goons.
    Homer: Hired goons? [opens the door]
    Goons: [take Homer roughly away]
    Homer: You know you could have just called me.
    Burns: Ah, yes, but the telephone is so impersonal. I prefer the hands-on touch you can only get with hired goons.
    Homer: Hired goons?
  • Kim Possible: Henchmen.
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