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Parasitic Protection
A method of enhancement or protection that eventually backfires, or eats its host
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Normally, it's easy to become immune or resistant to a magical disorder. Just use some Applied Phlebotinum such as a pendant or a ring to fight it off. Need magic to destroy your enemies? Just ask a Weasel Mascot to give you power.

But then there are some methods that aren't so savory. A demon outbreak? Implant demon eggs in your body. They'll act as antibodies against invading demons... until those eggs hatch, that is. An attack of witches? Here, make a wish, and I'll grant you magic. Just Be Careful What You Wish For, and even if you do, I'll still be taking your soul, which will turn you into a witch later.

A Perverse Protection is a form of protection or magical enhancement, that either augments or protects against a type of effect. The initial effect is great, but the side effects come at such a terrible price that it is surprising anyone would undergo the process if they knew the truth. He Who Fights Monsters is usually involved, often literally.

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  • Drowtales involves implanting lesser demons to "taint" drows. This is done as a buffer against being possessed in the case of battles with demonkind. But judging from the demons roaming the streets, there are some drawbacks to this method.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a process of using wishes to convert normal girls into magical girls to fight witches which eventually become witches themselves if they don't die first, since the process is exactly the same.
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