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Wasted Romance

When a long romance plot gets undone in one episode.

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Alright, so you follow the two characters and their drama to get together. They went through the Romantic False Lead, they done the Will Theyor Wont They and might of overcome the Arranged Marriage. Now the two can live a long happy relationship. Wait? They break up in the next episode?

This is a fans reaction where so much effort or drama was made for two characters to be together and get undone in a single episode and makes them think what was the point of getting them together in the first place.

Though there could be some reason for it; maybe the couples don't work together as first thought, maybe one of the character's actor is fired or quit, the couple are less interesting after hooking up compare when they were trying to, or maybe it's not the show runners favorite couple. But it most cases, it just ends with no real reason story-wise.

There is a good chance the two would be a couple again, though, the viewers may not get to see it or happen.

Note that when they show actual strain in the relationship and then they break up, its not this trope.
Live-Action TV
  • In Friends, the whole Joey and Rachel romance plot. This lasted multiple season, with Joey falling for Rachel but with her having no real feelings for him. Then it get reverse where after Rachel gave birth with her and Ross's baby started to fall for him. After some drama that included Ross and a girl Joey was dating and who Ross liked, the two got together, for only a few episode before they broke up because it felt to weird being together because they were friends for so long.
    • There was also the drama that came with Chandler falling in love with a girl Joey was dating. Multiple episodes deal with Chandler feeling he was a bad friend to Joey because of his feeling. After telling Joey how he felt, after kissing her, the two had a short falling out but made up and Joey gave his blessing for Chandler. But then the two broke up an episode later after she cheated on him after he accuse her of cheating on him with her co-star.

  • Barney and Robin in How I Met Your Mother. Barney actually had feelings for Robin after there one night stand. Though, it didn't show until after he had a falling out with Ted and getting hit by a bus in a season final. The next season see him trying to cope with these feelings and actually does get together with her in another season final. But in the next season, the two spent four episodes as a couple before breaking up.
    • In retrospect, any relationship with Ted that isn't the mother once the audience gets new information on her that would contradict his current relationship. The biggest being Zoey who was married and was on the opposing side of Ted on the destruction of the Archadia building and if they do go out, with Victoria.

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