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Battle Ballgown
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Who says Badasses can't be elegant?

A dress that is lightly to heavily armored, and thus would fit in either a social gala or an epic melee. The form of the dress can range from a fancy dress accessorized with armor and/or weapons (even if it also has typical dress trimmings), to basically a suit of armor with a skirt.

The point of this dress seems to be a combination of Rule of Glamorous and Rule of Cool, as such an outfit will almost always be Impossibly Cool Clothes.

Naturally the ladies wearing these kinds of dresses are almost always Action Girls, Ladies Of War and sometimes even Badass Princesses. If any other girl ends up wearing this, expect her to fall over almost immediately, if she can even move.

A Sub-Trope of Pimped-Out Dress.

Compare Stylish Protection Gear, Scary Impractical Armor, Powered Armor.

Contrast Chainmail Bikini, Stripperiffic.


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