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Worst X Ever

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Being Renamed Worst Whatever, Ever! upon launch.

So Bob and Jill have just finished a harrowing experience and a witty one liner is needed to sum up the entire situation. What ever will our intrepid heroes do?

"Worst X Ever!"

Well played, heroes!

This Stock Phrase typically occurs at the end of a heavy action or chase sequence. Typically it is in reference to an activity or place that under normal circumstances would be quite enjoyable and relaxing were it not for the life threatening situation that was just encountered with X being that place or activity.

Compare Worst News Judgment Ever which is an example of this very trope on This Very Wiki.


Film Live-Action TV
  • Veronica Mars:
    Veronica: Worst. Easter Egg Hunt. Ever.
  • Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor yells, "Worst! Rescue! Ever!" in "The End of Time" as the Vinvocci wheel him out of Naismith's house.
  • Friends: Chandler tries to watch porn, but accidentally watches a video of a birth. He doesn't catch on for a minute. "Worst porn ever! Worst porn ever!"

Video Games
  • Army of Two:The 40th Day: This is Salem's response when he and Rios have to fight their way through the Shanghai Zoo. Which comes as no surprise as the first thing the mercs there did was slaughter all the animals not to mention all the fighting they had to do inside.

Web Comic

Western Animation
Rolling Updates
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