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World Wide Sleep Attack
The world is non-lethaly subdued, but the casualites that would result from this are ignored
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A specific type of Inferred Holocaust. A super villain uses a device to make everyone in the world fall asleep, or otherwise non-lethally incapacitates them. Our heroes were some how not effected, and after a while they're able to thwart the villain and return everything to normal. But wait, what about all the people who fell asleep while doing dangerous tasks? All the people in the world who were driving just had simultaneous accidents. What about the fires that raged out of control with no firefighters to put them out? What about the air plane pilots, swimmers, sky divers and people in surgery? And since this is happening the whole world over, the death toll must be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Naturally, this will never be mentioned, or only be hinted at, in the show

Related to Caught Up in the Rapture, which often involves similar Fridge Logic.



  • In X2: X-Men United, the eponymous X-Men team with the Brotherhood of Mutants to stop William Stryker from using a Doomsday Device from causing the death of every mutant in the world. Magneto, the only one outfitted with a protective helmet, stopped the device half way and turned it against humans. The film doesn't dwell on it much after the device is fully shut down, but think on this: everyone on earth suffered seizures, first a tiny minority all at once then the rest of the population all at once, within a few minutes. Although many must have died the third movie not only ignores these events, it actually suggests that the relations between humans and mutants somehow got better! Plus, even if no one died, every mutant in the world just had painful, highly visible seizures in front of their normal human neighbors, and in turn was perfectly fine when every human had them. If Mystique's small scale Superpower Meltdown is any indication, some of them will also have very noticeably blown their cover and taken all ambiguity out of existence, and made themselves even bigger targets for hate crimes.
  • Blindness. How people survived the movie at all is a miracle in and of itself, several weeks without food or running water for at least the majority of the populace (in the novel, the female lead is the ONLY person to retain their sight). There are... surprisingly few corpses, considering how food production must have stopped entirely.
  • A strange example in that it's not humans who suddenly shut down, but robots. In Surrogates somebody sets up a plot to destroy all the surrogates and kill the humans linked into them in the process. The hero manually engages the safety overrides on all the pods but at the last minute decides to have the weapon go off anyway, destroying the surrogates while leaving human beings intact. So one billion surrogates conducting business, operating machines, driving cars, etc, suddenly shut down and one billion atrophied shut-ins must now emerge to try to deal with the ensuing mayhem.

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  • In FlashForward (2009) everyone in the world is rendered unconscious for two minutes and seventeen seconds, during which they get a vision of the future. This could almost be considered an aversion as it's made clear that many people did die.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • In Symbionic Titan an ultrasonic signal from a Kaiju makes everyone in the world freeze in place. We do see a bicyclist keep going till he crashes and some crashed cars and a helicopter, but for the most part the world seems to be in good shape.
  • In one episode of Generator Rex were an EVO puts everything in the world to sleep, Holiday mentions they don't have much time before people start dropping dead from dehydration, but it never brings up people who were in the middle of doing potentially dangerous tasks such as driving (which is a bit jarring, considering the show doesn't shy away from the implications of civilian casualties).
  • Combined with this and Caught Up in the Rapture, in Young Justice some sorcerers make a spell that splits the world into two: one for kids and one for adults. To both groups it appears that the other has disappeared. We do see the Team recusing infants from cars and gathering them at the school were teens can watch over them, but there are only a few teen heroes for the whole world. We also see a girl who was flying a plane moments before she turned 18 and was taken into the adult world. If Billy Batson/Captain Marvel hadn't been there she would have plummeted to her death. Not to mention the adults were gone for three days.

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