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School Play Attendance Dilemma

To attend Junior's performance of Hamlet, or not to attend it, that is the question

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A child has a big part in a school play, and his or her parents would like to attend--but oh no, it doesn't seem as if they'll be able to! The parents' problem is either that they are obligated to work late, or they have an important meeting or something else momentous scheduled for the same time. Thus a dilemma is born: which should come first, themselves or their children? Or can they have it both ways after all?

  • In Trouble in Tahiti, Dinah reminds Sam about the school play in the afternoon, where Junior is the hero, but Sam suddenly remembers that he has to be at the gym right then for the handball tournament, which precipitates another nasty argument. Sam wins the gold cup in the handball tournament. Dinah doesn't go to the school play either; she goes to a cinema instead.
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  • May 29, 2013
    • In Jingle All The Way Howard Langstrom promises his son he'll be at his baseball game this time for sure, but can't get there.
    • The Simpsons:
      • Marge develops a gambling addiction and can't help Lisa with her costume for the school play, so Homer steps up.
      • Homer almost misses Lisa's saxaphone recital, but comes at the last moment with a reed for her. She's still ticked off he missed it, so he buys her a pony.
      • Lisa's recital is on the same day as Truckasaurus is in town. Marge convinces Homer that they can do both things.
  • May 29, 2013
    @randomsurfer: None of these examples have enough context. Some of them seem to have the wrong context.