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Left Stuck After Attack
A character does an attack, hits something, gets stuck on it.
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This is when a melee attack done by someone hits something, and then whatever he used get stuck on it. Either it's a punch or a kick, or with a weapon, or a specialized animal appendage such as horns or tails. Their opponent may now use the resulting spare time to reason, run away or just score a few free hits.

How long the character stays like that depends on their strength, general badassness and plot requirements. They may be immobilized long enough to be defeated, captured or killed, may struggle dramatically for several seconds and manage to free themselves just in time to divert their opponent's finishing strike and resume fighting, or may forcefully rip their fist/weapon out mere moments after getting stuck, sending chunks of the wall flying. Either way, the character is trapped, albeit temporary, while being simultaneously shown as considerably strong and/or pissed off.

Often makes for some Fridge Logic, specifically for weapons: if your weapon is lodged into something and you're under attack, why would you waste time to pull it off and not defend/escape instead? (May be justified if the weapon is really, really important somehow.) On the other hand, if you use your limbs, or that your weapon is connected to your body in some way, if pulling them isn't an option, another option is to cut them off, or at least break the weapon if it's possible. (The latter can also happen with handheld weapons, but it's often more of an accident.)

Related to Blade Brake, Sword Plant and The Blade Always Lands Pointy End In.

Often the result of Deadly Dodging. May overlap with Sticky Situation. Compare Hand in the Hole, contrast Barrier-Busting Blow, where it's done intentionally and stuck part never happens.


Anime and Manga
  • At the start of One Piece's battles in Arlong Park, Luffy slams his feet into the ground to anchor himself for an attack only to promptly realize after the attack that he's stuck himself into the rock.
  • Ranma . After Saotome Ranma in girl form routinely dodges Tendo Akane's attacks, Akane throws a fierce jab. Ranma leaps over the blow, which continues into the dojo wall. Akane remains motionless with surprise rather than being stuck. Ranma simply taps Akane's head as an "I win" gesture. It is then Akane realizes that Saotome Ranma is a high-level martial artist.
  • In Naruto, during the night before the Chunin Tournament starts, Hayate assaults Baki of the Sand Village with his sword. But then Hayate's blade gets stuck on Baki's shoulder, who, while ignoring his shoulder, says: "Would you like to know a kind of blade that will never get lodged to things?" Before he can realize it, Hayate is then killed by the answer to the riddle: a blade made of wind chakra.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: One of Joey's battles involves equipping his monster with a sword on a chain. He attacks the opponent's giant whale, leaving the sword stuck in it. Then on his next turn, he uses a powerup that causes a thunderbolt to hit the sword, electrocuting the whale.

Comic Books
  • X-Men villain The Blob is a giant fat guy who literally absorbs punches into his massive belly, leaving his attackers stuck in him (in some incarnations).

Film - Animation
  • This is how Thrax in Osmosis Jones meets his end, having his poking finger of doom stuck in false eyelash that falls into vial of alcohol.
  • In the Soviet animated adaptation of Treasure Island, a drunken fight between Israel Hands and O'Brian starts with them angrily bashing on a table. Hands bashes through the table, and O'Brian uses it to bitch-slap him, only to run away in terror when Hands lifts the table and chases him waving it over his head. He quickly gets stuck in a door and O'Brian again scores some free kicks, until Hands finally breaks the table.
  • In The Incredibles, the Omni Droid pulls a very temporary version. It misses a strike at Mr. Incredible and drives its claw into a cliff, and immediately yanks it out and flexes the claw to burst the chunk of rock that came with.
  • This is how the Big Bad of Quest for Camelot meets his end. The wicked Ruber has used a magic potion to fuse the Excalibur sword onto his hand. With this, he tries to impale Kayley and Garrett, but misses. The blow implants Excalibur firmly in its original stone where the ancient magic detects that Ruber is not the rightful ruler, and disintegrates him for such presumption.

Film - Live action
  • Jax in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, ripping his roboticized arm out of a wall just in time to deflect an evil robot's asid attack.
  • Tony does this accidentally in the first Iron Man. As he is busy, a Mook tries to headshot him and kills himself with a ricochet.
  • Spider-Man 3
    • Harry Osborn briefly is stuck in the brick wall. Peter tries to negotiate, but Harry just yells "SHUT UP!!!" and topples part of rhe wall on him.
    • Later in the same film, Spiderman gets his arm caught in Sandman's chest.
  • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, T-800 punches T-1000's face and gets his fist stuck in its head. T-1000 then morphs around the fist, putting Arnie in armlock.
  • In the comedy film Curse of The Pink Panther, the renowned martial artist Ed Parker plays an enforcer for the antagonists, who punches through a metal shed door and gets his arm stuck for a solid twenty seconds before managing to free himself.
  • In Judge Dredd, the titular hero tricks a body-horrific cannibal cyborg into driving his Swiss Army Appendage into a wall, rips a power cable off, lets out a bunch of catchphrases and electrocutes him.
  • In Hellboy II, Hellboy ducks under Mr.Wink's fist on a chain and it lands in some kind of ore grinder, eventually pulling Wink himself in.
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit loves this trope. First, Judge Doom tries to punch Eddie Valiant, but Valiant blocks the blow with a cardboard tub of glue. Judge Doom shakes off the tub, then tries again to slug Valiant. Valiant dodges, and Doom's fist strikes the roller of a moving steamroller, where it sticks. Doom eventually ends up rolled flat, though this doesn't finish him.

  • The protagonist of Louis L'amour's Galloway does this intentionally. When trapped in a natural drowning pit, he notices a crack in a wall, but it's too shallow to scale. He leaps out of water and jams his fist in it, then pulls himself up to the safety.
  • In the miniseries Shogun, Lord Buntaro once gets angry with Mariko, his wife, and takes a swing at her with his sword. He intentionally misses, as the swing is just for intimidation, but it gets stuck in a wooden pillar and he breaks it in half trying to remove it.
  • In Triss, when Captain Plugg and Princess Kurda get in a fight, Plugg rushes at Kurda, swinging his battleaxe so hard that it immediately disarms Kurda, sending her sword flying off into the bushes. However, his reckless charge and the force of the swing cause his battle axe to embed itself in a tree. Plugg tries to remove it, but he quickly finds that it's stuck fast, and opts to leave it there and instead chase down Kurda before she can retrieve her own weapon. The axe remains stuck in the tree, forgotten, for the rest of the fight and some time after that, until Sagax, the Big Guy of the heroes' group, happens upon it and finally pulls it out, claiming it for himself.
  • Discussed in one of the Gor books. A well-trained warrior knows to thrust his sword just far enough into his opponent in order to pierce the heart, then withdraw quickly. A brigand or other non-trained fighter tends to thrust deeply, which often causes his sword to be stuck in the other person's body, resulting in either losing the blade or else a waste of a few precious seconds removing the sword. Not good when there are many other enemy troops around who don't practice Mook Chivalry.
  • In Casino Infernale, Eddie defeats the Dancing Fool in the fighting-pit by enduring a beating until he can predict the Fool's movements perfectly, then leaning against a wall as if he's about to collapse. The Fool throws what he expects to be a final punch, and Eddie ducks the blow, letting the Fool's fist sink deep into the pit's earthen wall, where he's stuck long enough for Eddie to hit him in the throat.

Live-action TV
  • Xander did it on Buffy the Vampire Slayer but it wasn't a superpower thing, just anger at Buffy's mom dying and bad construction. Willow helped him get it unstuck.
  • Saturday Night Live. In the recurring sketch "Top o' the Morning" has this as a regular segment.
    William Fitzpatrick: Now's the time on the show where I make Patrick so mad that he punches a hole in the wall! Let's go to the punching wall!
    Irish music follows the boys to the punching wall, already filled with holes from prior episodes
    William Fitzpatrick: So, Patrick.. your sister sure is stubborn, is she not?
    Patrick Fitzwilliam: And what do you mean by that?
    William Fitzpatrick: I had to ask her to take off her knickers four times before she did it!
    Patrick Fitzwilliam: angry That's my sister!! punches a hole in the wall
    William Fitzpatrick: impressed Good. Well done.
  • In the Supernatural episode "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One" (S02, Ep21), Jake, who has Super Strength, is fighting Sam and punches through a water trough when Sam ducks.

Mythology and Folklore
  • In myth, the classic way for a non-virgin to capture a unicorn is to sucker it into charging you when you're standing in front of a tree, then dive to one side so it gets its horn lodged in the wood.
  • One of the Uncle Remus folktales (based on an old West African folktale) involves Br'er Fox trapping Br'er Rabbit by constructing a "Tar Baby", a doll made of tar, which Br'er Rabbit approaches and tries to make conversation with. When the doll wouldn't respond, the rabbit took that as a lack of manners and punched it, getting his paw stuck. He punched it with his other paw, then kicked it, and eventually got all his limbs stuck in the doll.
  • In Geoffrey of Monmouth's legends, a sword known as Crocea Mors (literally "Yellow/Golden Death")note  was said to have belong to Julius Caesar, until it was embedded in a British prince's shield. Said prince, Nennius, proceeded to remove it and go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge despite already having taken head wound which proved fatal.

Newspaper Comics
  • Garfield once tried to stomp a spider, but landed so forcefully that he broke the floorboards and ended up embedded up to his chin in the floor. And to add insult to injury, he missed.
    Garfield: I hate spiders! [CRACK] I hate hating spiders.

Tabletop Games
  • Dungeons & Dragons supplement Mystara Monstrous Compendium Appendix. The Iron variant of Living Statue can absorb metal. When a non-magical metal weapon hits one it sticks in the statue's body unless the attacker makes a successful saving throw. The weapon can only be removed if the statue is killed.

Video Games
  • Fighting mechanical arms in Battletoads and Double Dragon for NES is waiting till they get suck in the floor, then attacking.
  • In Resident Evil 4, tricking Garradors into doing this with their claws is a viable tactics against them.
  • Inversion in Resident Evil 5. Wesker punches through a metal wall just after Chris opens the hatch of the plane they're in, depressurizing it. While heroes cling to the scenery, Wesker angrily rips his arm out and is immediately sucked out of the plane by decompression.
  • [PROTOTYPE] and [PROTOTYPE 2] both have an attack called Groundspike. PC slams his hand in the ground, his biomass travels some distance underground and erupts from beneath the surface as sharp, menacing spikes before retracting. The drawback is that it takes a while to perform, and most of the time you are literally rooted up to a place and vulnerable.
  • In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped:
    • The knight mobs in medieval stages get their sword stuck on a stone, who try to pull it, and as they managed to do it, they spun themselves because of the inertia, and then the blade gets lodged again on the stone. The sword swing during their spin is harmful for Crash.
    • In the first boss fight against Tiny Tiger, you'll have to avoid his jumping attacks until he decided to stab you with his trident; if you dodged it, he'll stuck trying to dislodge his trident, making himself open to Crash's attack.
  • Twinblade in Fable will sometimes perform a downward stab attack that leaves his blades stuck in the ground, giving the Hero a few seconds to get behind him and attack his back while he tries to pull them free.
  • In the opening cutscene for Heroes of Might and Magic IV, Kilgore swings the Sword of Frost at Gelu, but misses and strikes the ground instead, and the frost magic within the sword causes it to fuse with the earth. Kilgore lets go of the sword and shoulder-charges Gelu away before retrieving the sword.
  • Kutlass in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest will sometimes get his swords stuck in the ground after attacking, giving you a brief period of time in which he can be Goomba Stomped.
  • In Donkey Kong 64, if a Kosha tries to attack a Kong with its spiky club vertically, the club will be stuck in the floor and the Kosha will try to pull it. The attacked Kong can then use explosive oranges or a wave attack to defeat it.

Web Original
  • Linkara in his Doom comic review, whips out his "I AM A MAN!" punch and in context of the comic, after pulling the fist, he continues with "AND A HALF!" and punches again... only this time his fist is stuck, because it's a half-punch. "Help? Help! I'm stuck here!"

Western Animation
  • Reboot. During Matrix vs Megabyte climatic fight, Megabyte is briefly stuck in the wall. Enzo attacks him from behind, but then Megabyte frees his arm, sending Matrix flying in the process. Almost immediately after, Megabyte gets his Wolverine Claws lodged in the roof long enough for Matrix to recover.
  • In the Shadow Raiders finale, Graveheart finishes Blokk by shoving his powerglove into his abdomen, nearly resulting in unintentional Taking You with Me when Blokk falls off the ledge. Graveheart manages to hold them both with his other hand long enough to slip out the powerglove, letting Blokk fly.
  • In most animated versions of Batman, Clayface's gooshy makeup causes anyone who punches or kicks him to get stuck in him.

Real Life
  • Many kinds of bees have jagged stingers; when they sting, they'll often be stuck on something they're stung, and they have to sacrifice their abdomen to escape, which is often fatal.
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