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Omega Couple
One male and one female are all that ate left of a species or race, and they fall in true love.
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Picture this: an entire race or species is on the brink of extinction, usually because of the Big Bad's Nice Job Breaking It, Herod. All that is left of a species or race is one male and one female.

THIS IS NOT AN Adam and Eve Plot. The couple is either TOTALY OBLIVIOUS of or DO NOT address or think about the peril of their species. Either because they're too busy fighting the Big Bad or in too much peril themselves to think about this.

Therefore, they are not influenced into becoming a couple. They naturally fall sincerely in love, not just to save their species, but because they truly love each other. The Big Bad's plan is not to make their species extinct. The Evil Plan actually distracts everyone from this situation.

Another difference between the Adam and Eve Plot is that there are usually a few other, usually really older, members of the species there who give a little friendly advice, but never actually talk about the extinction problem.


  • Spyro the Dragon - Spyro and Cynder after Malefor smashed all the dragon's eggs.
  • Rio - Blu and Jewel.
  • Ice Age - Manny and Ellie, but unfortunately, mammoths clearly have gone extinct, despite the birth of Peaches.
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