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Filming Location Cameo
The filming location is used in an episode, where otherwise a show is California Doubling.
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Let's say a show takes place in New York, but it's filmed in Los Angeles. Thanks to establishing shots and green screens, it looks pretty convincing. But then, one episode the plot involves going to Los Angeles. Suddenly, there's Scenery Porn. The show takes place outside more. The establishing shots have the characters in them.

Filming Location briefly subverts California Doubling and adds the opportunity to actually show a scene with the characters not needing a green screen.

Not to be confused with Aloha Hawaii where the cast and crew actually does go somewhere else to film.

This is the show being temporarily set where it is filmed, not filmed where it is set.

Other possible names: Set Where It Is Filmed (maybe too broad), Aloha Filming Locationm, originally Real Location Cameo

  • Alphas (set in New York City) has an episode where the epilogue takes place in Toronto.
  • Bones: (Set in Washington D.C.) They go to Los Angeles to investigate a death.
  • Castle, usually set in New York but filmed in L.A., has "To Love and Die in L.A.", where Beckett follows the trail of the man who killed her mentor to Los Angeles.
  • The Dead Zone: (Set in Maine) one episode Johnny visits a man living in Vancouver.
  • Doctor Who: The first new series "The Unquiet Dead" takes place in Cardiff (albeit in 1869), so this wasn't for practical purposes. Though it did set up the rift where Torchwood 3 would later be based.
    • I wonder if there's a Doctor Who plot that actually is set in a quarry?
    • Terror of the Zygons has a scene set in an actual quarry, though it's pretty short.
  • Lost When the Oceanic Six are rescued, they land in Hawaii.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: a temporal version in "Future's End" where the crew happen to be in Los Angeles and in 1996.
  • Supernatural: in one episode they magically become two TV actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki filming a show called Supernatural, and the bulk of the episode takes place in the TV studio where the show is actually shot.
  • Time Trax being filmed in Australia has a few episodes set there, though largely set in U.S.
  • On The X-Files Mulder and Scully's work takes them to Vancouver in "The End", which was aptly enough the last episode filmed in that city.
    • After they moved shooting to LA, the episode "Hollwood, A.D." where somebody writes a movie Very Loosely Based on their work partially takes place in LA.

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