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Screw You, Got Mine
They don't care about anyone outside of their loved ones/friends/tribe.
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The oldest form of morality there is, where "good" is "what is good for the tribe" and "bad" is "what is bad for the tribe", where people outside the tribe barely count as human (and sometimes are explicitly said not to be proper people). Eventually it came to be extended to a fiefdom, a kingdom, a nation; Nationalists look out for the interests of their Nation first and foremost, and will not hesitate to exploit or cheat other countries for that, since they don't really count. After the two World Wars, it's becoming more and more common to think of humanity as one large whole, and give more and more consideration to treating other nations and people fairly, extending the Golden Rule to them.

The people who live by this trope didn't get the memo. As long as their friends, family, lovers, etc. are kept safe and well, everyone else could go to freaking Hell for all they care.

Related to Poisonous Friend, Morality Chain, and Morality Pet, where the loved ones wouldn't like other people getting shafted for their sake. Moral Myopia is when the characters don't seem to realize how wrong this is (as opposed to knowing and not caring). Protagonist-Centered Morality is when the narrative has this attitude.


Video Game

  • This is endemic in Naughty Dog games, especially Uncharted and The Last of Us. The protagonists kill hundreds and hundreds of enemies, cause disasters in major scales, or even doom all of humanity, for the sake of their loved ones.

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