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Data Display Headset
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A sci-fi or exceptionally tech-savvy character needs to use a computer, whether to contact allies, scan for vital data on the McGuffin, or precision-target a rabble of mooks. The only problem is, computers have a habit of making even the coolest of characters look a bit geeky, and then there's the whole sitting down issue, the staring into a monitor etc. Far better to somehow integrate the computer onto the person of the character, preferably in a somewhat awesome and futuristic way. The answer? The Data Display Headset - usually a computer screen suspended a few inches in front of the eye by a piece of plastic reaching back to the ear.


Anime & Manga


Live-Action TV

Tabletop Games

Video Games

Web Comics
  • Rose Lalonde in Homestuck has the Hubtopband

Western Animation
  • Fry in Futurama gets an eyePhone - this is an interesting example, as the hardware is actually installed between his eyeball and his eye socket.

Real Life
  • The United States military spent loads of money trying to develop something similar in their Land Warrior programme.
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