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Spectrum of magical difficulty
Magical Difficulty
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This is a Trope for magic that is downright hard to preform, whether magic is limited or unlimited by supply or the ability to preform magic is itself rare or common, perhaps magic is difficult or easy in and of itself, all magic systems fit on one scale: this would rate magic by ease of use and rarity of use, some universes may use several levels of magic simultaneously with both easy and difficult to use magic.

  • 1: Type one magic is cast almost without thought, use of magic is so easy that magic is in use everywhere for the most mundane purpose, Anyone can use Type one magic.
  • 2:Type two magic is different from type one in the regards that it has a slight cost: this might be anything on the same level as cast using renewable resources, same as Type one anyone can use this.
  • 3: Type three magic imposes a further limitation onto type two magic of that not anyone can cast it this limits it to large amount of people, about 60% of people might be able to use magic.
  • 4: Type four magic has the limitation off of type three that it has still more cost than type two, along the lines of Cast from Hit points or difficult materials to find.
  • 5: Type five magic imposes the additional limitation of a very few people can learn magic and/or it takes a long time to learn magic

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