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Joker Expy

A character with similar traits to the iconic Batman rougue, The Joker.

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As the most well-known enemy of one of the most beloved superheroes of all time, The Joker has a character template that many authors simply can't resist using. The Clown Prince of Crime has had a number of pretenders over the years, with traits including the Circus/Comedy motif, association with chaos and anarchy, a Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and a general air of Laughably Evil that contrasts starkly with the terribleness of their deeds. These are differentiated from their fellow Monster Clown brethren by often acting Faux Affably Evil instead of conspicuously alien.

Obviously a sub-trope of Fountain of Expies. See also: Monster Clown, Chaotic Evil, For the Evulz and The Cowl.

Anime and Manga
  • Caesar Clown from One Piece uses gas as a weapon, does an Evil Laugh quite often and actually works for an unrelated character that uses the alias Joker. Not to mention, you know... being an Ax-Crazy clown and all.

Comic Books
  • Carnage, a notable Spider-Man Villain, shares many similarities with The Joker. The creators even refer to him as such.

Video Games
  • Kefka, from Final Fantasy VI is considered to be one of the most well-known examples of this trope, ironically spawning many Expies himself.
    • Dimentio from Super Paper Mario can be considered this, albeit indirectly, as he seems to be more of a Kefka Expy.
  • Terumi from BlazBlue , despite lacking a clown motif, has enough in the way of a twisted sense of humor and Faux Affably Evil traits to count.
    • Though his Alt Costume helps his case, as does quoting the Joker's The Dark Knight incarnation.

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