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Amanda Show Effect

Actors playing secondary characters get their own show. (Trivia)

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This is an unusual situation in where something is sort of spun off a show, but this new show has the leads played by actors playing secondary characters or extras in a preceding show, and is not in the same universe as that show.

an example is The Amanda Show, A Sketch Comedy that cast two actors (Drake Bell and Josh Peck) into two secondary characters and then get their own spinoff. Of course it didn't end there, Miranda Cosgrove got a role ad the sister of the eponymous characters before staring in another show. Of Course The Amanda Show itself spun off of All That.

Unlike the example examples need one spinoff to qualify. Compare and Contrast Ascended Extra who is likely to have a Spin-Off but that Spin-Off would be sat in the same universe instead of be a standalone show. Subtrope to Retroactive Recognition.

Do We Have This One? Needs a Better Name and a better decription.

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