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Inspection Fail
When an item or object is so poorly made, there is no way it would make it to stores or be ready to use.
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People have to inspect almost everything you use. The shirt you're wearing, the computer you're using etc. In order for these things to make it into circulation, these trained inspectors know exactly what to look for, and know if something is out of order.

This is the exact opposite. When something is so badly inspected or something that is so poorly made that there would be no way that in the real world (most of the time) you would find these in stores ready to be bought, or you would use them at all. Is usually most used when said item could mean the difference between life and death such as a gun, a parachute, or a bungee jump cord.

Compare with May Contain Evil and No OSHA Compliance.



  • Santa Claus: The Movie has the main villain who is the head of a toy company put nails inside the teddy bears he puts out.

Western Animation

  • In an episode of Garfield & Friends Jon goes skydiving and he pulls three cords to the parachute, none of which work. Garfield then rummages through the parachute and pulls out several large items, including a ticket that reads "Inspected by #27." Then Garfield pulls on a cord inside it that finally releases the parachute.
  • The Simpsons: On the Duff Brewery tour Homer and Barney meet the quality inspector who watches the bottles to make sure no foreign substances are in them. As they talk to him several unsavory and/or downright dangerous objects can be seen going by.
    • Also from The Simpsons, one scene has Krusty personally approving his merchandise, including a joybuzzer doll. It gives him a bad shock, but he says to keep making them.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode Applebuck Season, a very exhausted Applejack makes muffins with Pinkie Pie. However, she Mondegreens Pinkie's requests for chocolate chips, baking soda, a cup of flour, and wheat germ as chips, soda, a cup of sour (lemon juice), and wheat worms (earthworms), and puts all those things in the pan, yet Pinkie fails to notice. She then serves the muffins to a huge crowd of ponies. Cue the whole crowd in the hospital.
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