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Push To Safety (Working Title)
When someone forces a friend to safety and stays behind to deal with the danger.
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So, you've managed to rescue the Damsel in Distress, and even managed to find a way to make the Big Bad's Evil Lair go up in smoke in a matter of minutes. All that's left is to escape.

Almost there...

Drat! The Big Bad (or his Dragon) have caught up to you just as you're about to escape safely. They have their Weapon of Choice pointed straight at you, and one false move will get you all killed. And to make matters worse, the only exit is about to close off permernently. What to do?

Simple! Push your friend and Love Interest out of the exit quick enough before the danger can react, (and before the exit is sealed off), and deal with the danger yourself.

This can often lead to a Heroic Sacrifice if the person in question dies after doing this.

Compare More Expendable Than You.


-->Dr. David Grant: (as structure is starting to fail) We're not gonna make it! -->Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis: *You* are! (pushes him to safety and falls).

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